Bounty duration

TThe Reversalcoin bounty scheme will run for 9 weeks from 10th January 2018 until 15th March 2018. During those weeks, the Reversal team will monitor each of the relevant websites and channels for Reversalcoin related activity, recording details of participant’s efforts. Once the 9 week bounty period is over, participant activity will be assessed, Reversalcoin rewards will be calculated, and details of the reward distribution will be announced. Verified bounty participants will have their Reversalcoin sent to their ERC-20 compatible wallet shortly after – wallet addresses must be provided when registering/claiming your involvement.

Bounty rewards

1 stake = 1 Reversalcoin
The Total Bounty Pool equates to 1.000.000 Reversalcoin – approximately 5% of the total supply – which will be distributed as follows:
250.000 Reversalcoin (25%): Twitter and Facebook.
150.000 Reversalcoin (15%): Content translation (white paper and bounty content).
100.000 Reversalcoin (10%): Bitcointalk signature campaign.
50.000 Reversalcoin (5%): Bitcointalk and Reddit community moderators (Asia, Europe, America, Africa).
150.000 Reversalcoin (15%): Youtube, Instagram, and other media platforms.
200.000 Reversalcoin (20%): Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, Steemit, etc.
100.000 Reversalcoin (10%): Bonus prizes for exceptional contributors and community support.

Participant opportunities

To participate, simply follow the instructions below and submit your details using the forms provided.


Bounty rewards are available for:
• White paper translation (50 stakes)
• Bitcointalk [ANN] and Bounty thread document/content translation (15 stakes)
• Reddit document/content translation (40 stakes)
• Translations on other platforms, by prior agreement.
If you wish to participate, please provide examples of previous translation work using the example submission form.
Use the claim form to submit your translated documents/content.
Reserved translations will be posted on our website as they are allocated.
Translated content example submission form »
Bounty claim form for translated Reversalcoin content »


Bounty rewards are available for:
• Bitcointalk post moderation (5 stakes per post)
• Reddit post moderation (10 stakes per post)
Use the claim form to submit links to posts and content you have moderated.
Bounty claim form for moderated content »

Social media

General rules and terms

  1. Participant accounts will be monitored, and inactive accounts will be removed from the bounty programme.
  2. Participation will be limited to one social media platform per participant.


Creat your own Telegram Reversalcoin group and receive 1 stakes per member for the duration of the bounty period. You will support the open discussion on ReversalCoin, Use the claim form to submit your Telegram group name so we can find you.
Bounty claim form for Telegram activity »


Follow @Reversalcoin_co on Twitter and become part of the growing Reversal community.
Follow us for the entire bounty period and receive 5 stakes per week.
You must have at least 100 followers to be eligible.
When you tweet/retweet about Reversalcoin , you will be rewarded with:
• 5 stakes for 100-300 followers.
• 10 stakes for 301-999 followers.
• 15 stakes for 1,000 followers or more.
Use the claim form to submit a link to your Twitter profile so that we can find you.
Bounty claim form for Twitter activity »


Like @Reversalcoin on Facebook for Reversalcoin news and updates, and to be eligible for the following rewards:
• 1 stakes for each Facebook post (text/image/video) created.
• 2 stakes for each comment on a Reversalcoin related post (minimum of 30 characters per comment).
• 3 stakes for each public share of a Reversalcoin related post.
Participant posts/comments/shares will be reviewed at random and their share status checked. If the sharing status has been restricted the participant will not receive any bounty rewards.
You must have at least 1.000 friends to be eligible.
Use the claim form to submit a link to your Facebook profile so that we can find you.

Bounty claim form for Facebook activity »

Reversalcoin related blog posts and news articles

Write and publish a blog post or a news article to be eligible for one of the following rewards.

  • 2 stakes for a simple post/article.
  • 5 stakes for a good post/article.
  • 10 stakes for a great post/article.

Content will be reviewed by the Reversalcoin team to establish which if these categories it fits in to. The more devoted and comprehensive the content, the bigger your reward! The blog post or news article must meet the following requirements to qualify for a bounty:

  • It must be written in language native to its readers.
  • It must contain only original content – we will check for plagiarism!
  • It must be public and accessible, and visible on search engines.
  • It must contain 700 characters or more, excluding spaces.
  • It must contain at least one link to a Reversalcoin website:
Use the claim form to submit a link to your blog post or news article for review
Bounty claim form for blogs posts and news articles »

Content generation on other media platforms

Reversalcoin supporters and bounty scheme participants are welcome to produce and publish articles or posts about Reversalcoin on other platforms not explicitly covered above. Doing so will qualify the author for a Reversalcoin allocation of between 25 and 1.00 Reversalcoin, depending on the quality and reach of the article. Use the claim form to submit a link to your content for review.
Bounty claim form for other media/content generation »